Although Yusra did not expect much out of the training program at the beginning, she was definitely glad that she attended. Yusra Akinwunmi is a 29-year-old who is also an ND holder and resides in Abuja.  “I heard about WAVE through a friend, I used to see the advert pop up on my Instagram page but  didn't really pay attention to it until she sent the link for me to register.” “I didn't have much expectation for the program, but I was really glad I attended after the program because I learned some soft skills as well as leadership skills. I also learned the basics of using Excel which was helpful.” “I was really excited to join the program, I didn’t have a lot of challenges during the training because some of the things I was taught were things I already had basic knowledge about plus I also had some on-the-job experience.” After the training, Yusra got a job in Abuja with a shipping company and she shared her experience working with her employer; “My boss was really impressed with my dedication and attitude towards my work and my salary was increased twice before I left the job due to managerial issues.” Right now she makes hair bonnets and sells them in markets around Abuja. She is also considering selling online although but she hasn’t gotten a hang of it yet. “My dream is to be better at what I do, learn more soft skills, learn things that I can do from home, be my own boss and make an impact in society. I would also advise job seekers to practice dedication and excellence at whatever they find to do.” You can be a part of the next batch of our training via this link; https://forms.gle/21utReWFhhB7uWF56

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