#Alumnicasestudies TEMILOLUWA ABIOLA. Batch 009

How did you hear about WAVE?
I actually heard about WAVE through a friend and former classmate, Kelvin. We were almost through with school and I just put it to him that "guy, we go need find work oo" then a few weeks later, he introduced me to WAVE, saying that they help youths get jobs. I don't know why but for some weird reason I believed in them and decided to go for it (even though my parents were quite sceptical about the whole arrangement).
What you were doing before WAVE?
Before WAVE, I was just completing my four-year university program at UNILAG where I studied English.
Your experience at WAVE
Wow! WAVE was much different from what I expected. I actually came there with the intention of just getting a job and moving on. But when the programme began, I learnt so many things that I couldn't even learn in fouryears at the university. The classes were fun, team members were awesome, and the whole experience was really life-changing. Also, waking up at 6 am every day for something was a very new experience for me. Even as a student, I rarely had to wake that early for lectures. It seemed strange and stressful at first but then, surprisingly, I got used to it and these days I even wake up before my alarm goes off.
Most memorable experience at WAVE
I'd say the mere bonding with people was something significant for me. These were people I didn't even know before; and how close we managed to become after only three weeks was just awesome. Also, the classes, assignments and tasks brought out the creativity in everyone including me. And then, the job shadow experience. I was assigned to the Golden Tulip Hotel in Festac and I have to say I was delighted at the chance to go to such a big hotel for four days to garner knowledge about hospitality. Those were very fruitful four days for me and I was left wishing I could go back there again.
What surprised you the most during the WAVE training programme?
I'd say the dedication of the trainers and facilitators. They were really committed to helping us understand what they were teaching and they didn't mind repeating themselves just for one person to grasp the point. It was very much unlike lecturers who would just come to class, dish out lectures not minding who was paying attention, and walk out when time was up. WAVE trainers did not even mind standing for 6 hours training us, WOW!
What do you plan to do after WAVE?
Thanks to WAVE, I managed to secure a job as a Telephone Operator at Radisson Blu Hotel in V.I. I hope to use everything I've learnt at WAVE-- from problem solving, teamwork, networking, to time management among others-- to make sure I excel in my new role. I'm really grateful to WAVE for everything they taught me because the experience has really helped to change my life.
Temi's long-term goal is to become a Hotel Manager.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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