#Alumnicasestudies Paul Daudu (Batch 010)

Paul Daudu (Batch 010) 
Position - Waiter
Employer - The Orchid Bistro.
Paul heard about WAVE from a WAVE staff. Before then, Paul was a Barber but needed to acquire soft skills that would increase his chances of getting a much better job, hence the reason he applied to the programme and was one of the few that was admitted in February.
The most challenging part of the programme for Paul was waking up early;something he was never used to but gradually overcame the challenge until he finished the programme. Paul's most memorable moment was the job shadow experience because he was hired before the period ended.
Paul's long-term goal is to run a foundation that will cater for the homeless. During his free time, Paul checks in at the salon to help out.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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  1. That's really encouraging. Especially with being able to overcome the challenge of waking up earlier and still be enterprising enough to visit the salon in his spare time. That's the sign of willingness to work hard and he will surely be a successful person by God's grace.


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