Alum case study- Adetola Samuel

Adetola Samuel (Batch 10)
Employer- Hans and Rene
Position-Sales Rep.

Before WAVE, Tola worked as a labourer with a construction company. This job was on a contract basis and was not really forthcoming hence he applied to WAVE academies to secure a job after he heard through his cousin who received a flyer during town storming.  "Sitting for ten (10) hours was something I was not used to so it was the most challenging part of the programme for me. Also, the aspect of waking up early was another difficult part;leaving home as early as possible so I could get to the academy on time. I am happy I was able to get past it."when asked his most difficult part of the programme. Tola secured a job as a sales rep at Hans and Rene two (2) weeks after the programme. "The most important skill  I learned at WAVE is time management. This has really helped me as  I have never been late to work."

 Tola would like to be a computer programmer becaused in the next couple of years

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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