Alum case study- Gabriel Ejoni

Gabriel Ejoni
Batch 5
Nok By Alara

Gabriel Ejoni was a job seeker applying to WAVE. He was a practicing a graphic designer when he heard about the programme from his pastor. Some of the biggest challenges he encountered were financial as he had to transport himself to the academy and the duration of the classes each day. He managed to get through these challenges because he really wanted to start earning something. When asked about what surprised him the most about WAVE,Gabriel said,"it was the way WAVE was able to change my mindset in two (2) weeks. I used to think that there are no jobs in this country but after WAVE I came to understand that there are millions of jobs waiting for people to fit in the positions.''

Gabriel further stated that some of the most important skills he learned at WAVE like time management,customer service,negotiation and team work have really helped him in his job which he secured a month after the programme. Gabriel works as waiter with NOK by Alara.

Gabriel would like to become a computer engineer in the nearest future.

In his parting words, "My advice to youth is that they should picture the future and take life easy. Life is not a competition but in stages. At any point they find themselves they should be grateful."

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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