Alum Case Study

Oluwadamilare Egbadi
Waiter, Craft Gourmet

Damilare Egbadi heard about WAVE from Thompson, an outreach coordinator. Before enrolling at the academy, he was assisting his mum at her shop as a sales boy. He quit because he wanted to earn a living for himself and add to the few skills he had.
The first impression Damilare would have of WAVE was hospitality. At the first training session he attended, Damilare had free lunch– much to his pleasant surprise. “I didn’t think WAVE would provide lunch so I was particularly surprised about that,” he says. 
But it wasn’t only lunch Damilare had for free that day. He also had access to the experiences of people who had gone through the WAVE system. Alumni of the academy were invited to share their stories at that session.  
Damilare did his job shadow at The Wedding Store, Ikeja, where he learned how to make bags and gift cards in less than two weeks.
After graduating from WAVE, Damilare waited two months before securing a job as a waiter with Craft Gourmet Restaurant on the Island. Since he began work, he has learned how to slice potatoes for fries and cut meat for humus.
Some of the most important skills Damilare learned at WAVE, and which he applies on his job, include time management, networking and emotional intelligence.
Damilare would like to tell every WAVER (and of course, all prospective WAVERS) to “be patient and focused. When you get your job, do not do things that will implicate you.”

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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