Kingsley Chukwu-Alum Case Study

Kingsley Chukwu
Batch 2.6 (Lekki Training Centre)
Mag Mercy Apartments

Kingsley quit working with his aunt three months into the job because he was not getting paid.He searched for jobs for several months but nothing was forthcoming;he dropped his CV at different places including malls,hotels and restaurants. He heard about WAVE from an alumnus again after his application last year was rejected. He applied to the programme and gained admission.The most challenging part of the programme was standing almost the entire training period.Every Time he reached home,he hardly felt his legs. He mentioned  that the most interesting part of the programme

was meeting and connecting with different people. "It was fun interacting with different kinds of people.I like to network so it was an opportunity for me to do so." Kingsley did his job shadow at Ruff 'n' Tumble-one of the places that he submitted his CV and was grateful for the experience. His role as a sales rep was ''merchandising"-enticing customers to make a purchase which he enjoyed doing.

Kingsley secured a job two and a half weeks after graduation with a lush hotel on the Island as a front desk officer. His advice to the next set of WAVERs is to ''never underrate yourself or your potentials"


Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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