Daniel Sule. Employer-Cafe Neo. Role-Coffee Barista

Daniel Sule
Batch 27
Employer-Cafe Neo
Role-Coffee Barista

Daniel  was a secondary school teacher before the WAVE experience but quit  because the job was time consuming and there was no room for growth. He applied to WAVE after he heard about it from an alumnus. Daniel was surprised by the intensity of the programme as it required that he would stand almost the entire time and as much it was stressful, he was determined to see it through. After the two-week in-house training,Daniel job shadowed at Golden Tulip hotel which provided him the opportunity to expand his social circle and develop his communication skills. ''I was a waiter there and every interaction with customers helped build my communication;verbal or non-verbal'' he explained. Daniel secured a job two weeks after graduation as a coffee barista (soon to be an outlet manager) at Cafe Neo;a popular coffee store. He highlights that ''the most exciting part of the job is meeting people everyday while the challenging aspect  is ''customer satisfaction'';ensuring that customers leave happy.

''Unemployment is a mentality that you can change. You don't need to work for anyone to be employed.There are so many challenges in the world.Think about them and meditate on the solution. Start small,don't settle for less,dream big,focus and you will succeed.'' His advice to job seekers.

Leadership is not just about giving energy ... it's unleashing other people's energy.” – Paul Polman

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Daniel's long-term goal is to own one of the renowned agricultural firms in Nigeria and West Africa.

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