A Unilever Nigeria-sponsored TV reality show began its journey in 2013.
The reality TV show was fashioned to emphasize Knorr’s cookery capabilities and to bring closer to the audience the essence of good flavor which the brand is about.
In order to improving the quality of delicacies around the country, Knorr in partnership with LG Electronics, Chevrolet and Shoprite brought to public interest yet again the Knorr Taste Quest (season5). 

From an alumnus at WAVE to earning a ₦5million cash prize, brand new Chevrolet car, a year supply of Knorr product, Shoprite vouchers, LG refrigerator, gas cooker and microwave oven, Gbolabo Adebakin rose to be the newest millionaire. 

Born and bred in Lagos State, Gbolabo also known as Gibbs, a Minister of God and also a performing artiste developed his passion for the culinary arts thereby started his journey from cooking in his mum’s kitchen to cooking in the boys scout at Woodland Nursery and Primary school,  the cooking lab food and Nutrition class in Kings college to cooking at Tesi camp, cooking in church, cooking at C.A.R.E (sovereign Army Fellowship,Unilag) and with his superb cooking skills,  he became winner of the Knorr Taste Quest (Season 5) amongst five finalists.

He placed his pain, doubt, mistakes and every other thing he had in him aside bearing at heart his wish of opening a food and art educational center which will finally come true for foodies and upcoming chefs alike. He has become a beacon of example to young minds around and alike all over the country. An exciting yet rigorous journey for the newest millionaire, he described the experience as ‘the biggest moment of his life’ after championing over Busuyi Komolafe and Dasola Abaniwonda, who were the first and second runner-up respectively which will enable him create the most out of cooking.

''From being the first alumnus to bring your wares to class, you would bake cakes and bring snacks to supplement the lunch we served back then. You have always loved to cook and share your love for cooking with others. We are proud of your accomplishments and know that the sky is only the beginning.''- 
Misan Rewane, 

Congratulations Gbolabo "Gibbs" Adebakin.

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