"The process determines the people, the purpose and people determine the process"- Peak Performance training

In order to increase the efficiency of workplace productivity, the Peak Performance training was held for the WAVE team members. The training session was taken by Olu Ogunlela; a life coach and personal development trainer.

The aim of the training was to shed more light on how to balance other components of human life, in order to maximize productivity in the workplace. The key facets of each individual life were listed as follows;
Foundational Facets-
1. Physical facets
2. Spiritual facets
3. Personal development

Practical assessments were carried out and it was concluded that separate areas of life, filter into other areas, therefore mismanagement, of any area may be an impending disaster in one's career. In relation to team activities, it was also noted that every team is attached to the other in one way or another because each team needs a part of others' outputs in order to complete certain tasks.
At the end of the session, the team members were able to identify aspects that they were neglecting and also find solutions towards building a balance for workplace productivity.


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