Have you been wondering how some organisations get the best from their employees and increases business? Here are some suggestions we have
learned over the last 5 years working with over 350+ employer partners.

1. Set Goals:

As an employer, it is important to set goals for each department and each staff should be given responsibilities to follow through for a certain period.
WHY: It helps each staff know what is expected of them for each role in terms of deliverables and culture of the organization.
HOW: A detailed job description for each role/department within the organization should be created. Goals should be set quarterly/bi-annually/annually.

2. Update Goal Progress:

WHY: This will help the organization know the progress level of each goal set, the progress level of departments, each staff and areas where development is needed. It also gives the employee a level of self-awareness as to what they can do and what they need to improve on.
HOW: Consistent follow-up on each department/staff to know what their challenges are, what can be tweaked to make progress and know where to improve.

3. Regular Check-Ins: i.e periodic one on one conversation with your team members.

WHY: To check progress and provide assistance where necessary.
HOW: Fix regular periodic dates with employees and departments. It could be weekly or monthly.

4. Regular Feedback:

WHY: Helps to make staff self-aware so they continuously improve themselves.
HOW: Give feedback in real-time. Understand the personality of each staff to know the best way to give feedback and relate with staff.

5. Recognition/Appraisals:

WHY: To motivate staff.  Let them know that their hard work is appreciated.
HOW: It must not be monetary. It could be plaques on the wall with the category of recognition and name of staff/department. It could be vouchers (movie, events, restaurant etc.)

6. Personal Development:

WHY: To upskill Staff
HOW: Based on feedback, check-ins, and update on goal progress, as an employer, it is important to find out areas of development for each staff and suggest pieces of training that will help up-skill or improve them.
Also, organize general training to improve all staff in new technology (project management
tools, cloud-based software etc.) and general up-skilling of themselves.

These are some suggestions based on our learnings in the last five years which we have applied and have been effective.

In our next article, we would share some instructions and include an example of how each tip is done well.

Which of these does your organisation already apply? Which are you going to try?

We look forward to your response. We would love to hear from you!

Written by Toluwani Aina (Career Services/Employer Partnerships Coordinator)

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