We support innovations and are always committed to learning from (new) innovators, both home and abroad, who are excelling at their doings. Toyin Adebola shared his adventure, jaw-dropping and eyeopening experience with the WAVE team, as he has travelled from Nigeria to the United Kingdom which lasted for 21 days. He described that ‘it was fun travelling on a bike as new happenings going on across the world were discovered.’ 

Amongst his many discoveries, this adventure made him realize that ECOWAS needs to strengthen intra-trade union and relationship within Africa so that we can move to greater lofty heights. Quoting him, ‘within Africa, trucks spent hours and sometimes days crossing the border because of documentation and it’s quite discouraging.’ He additionally shared that there is basically no delay in Europe, unlike in African borders. He said, personally, this is a challenge and will be nice if African countries can strengthen their relationship. 

The WAVE team listened with keen interest, and burning questions, including how he was able to convince his family to let him take such a huge risk. Toyin stated that he practices safety to the teeth and that has given his family some level of confidence. Some other takeaways from Toyin’s adventure and the thrilling experience were:

- Be willing to sacrifice
- Have a high dose of unrepentant stubbornness
- Be motivated above the fear of failing and losing
- Surround yourself with inspiration at all times. 

After sharing this experience with the team, Toyin expressed his excitement at what we do at WAVE –building a world where every young African has the potential to become what they imagine. For him, WAVE is really tackling the hassles in Africa and most importantly, sending a good image of Nigeria (Africa at large), in contrary to what the media present, to the western world. Toyin runs Out Of Nigeria Adventure (OON), a motorcycle adventure themed socio-cultural corporate organization established in 2013, aimed to create positive socio-culture.

Indeed, it was a healthy dose of Monday Motivation for the team and for the man himself - Toyin Adebola.

Would you be willing to ride from Nigeria to the UK on a bike? :)
Do you have any 'unusual' or unconventional adventures? Please share with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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