IMPACT STORY - Gideon Akanya

     In order to keep up with expenses, Gideon worked in five different establishments where he was earning a stipend but because he was bent on being prudent, he was able to get by and survive. After much search had been done,  adding to his limiting degree as an NCE holder, he found it difficult to get a better placement. This was primarily because some employers were interested in B.Sc. and Masters degree holders. They were hardly interested in the experience. He felt inadequate based on his lack of information.
     He heard about WAVE through the Lagos State Employability Skill Training Acquisition scheme and that WAVE would not only train him but provide him with good placement opportunities, mostly in the hospitality industry. This fueled his motivation, as this was a dream job.

    Like some of the youths in the program, he trained at the academy in Eti-Osa Local government with high expectations. He had various questions in mind hoping they could be answered. Would the placement be in the private or public sector? Will I be able to have a business that will develop on the long run and improve the nation’s economy? After the training, he participated in the job shadow at a beauty hub at Lekki (a company that has its specialty in dealing with creams, make-up and hair accessories amongst others). He was the sales/marketing manager. This entailed going to different places around Lekki axis to make sales. He enjoyed where he had to use his communication skills in meeting good and different people in the course the program and was also able to learn from his superiors.

Although he has not gotten a placement through WAVE, Gideon is at Ilasan, Lekki-Lagos as a teacher where he is making proper use of his communication skills to educate better. To any job-seeker, the sky is your limit only if you can persist and never lose hope.

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