Felicia decided to leave the job for better opportunities which came with its own uncertainty. She knew upskilling herself would increase her chances of getting a higher-paying job. It was at this time she heard about WAVE through a friend and decided to take part in the training at the Yaba Academy with batch 49.

Although she struggled with getting up early and getting money to transport herself to the training centre, her hunger to learn skills that would help her get better opportunities within the hospitality industry was her drive.

The highlight of the training for Felicia was the communication and emotional intelligence classes. She also found the class on creating a smart career goal helpful.

After the training, Felicia had her job shadow at BC Gardens, a restaurant in Ikoyi Lagos and she enjoyed it because it was interactive and fun, she was able to learn different soup recipes and how to serve customers properly. 

And similar to when she was training in the Academy, transportation fare was a challenge.

Immediately after her training, she got a job at Craft Gourment as a Baker and Chef. 
She is grateful to WAVE because the skills she learned have been helping her on the job; in handling her emotions, communicating with co-workers and clients, and also in negotiating her salary. 

She is happy that her work has exposed her to the hospitality industry and because she has worked in different departments, learning new things has become second nature.

Felicia dreams of owning her own make-up and cosmetics studio in the nearest future which she knows requires a lot of financial input and she is hoping that putting her financial management skills into play would make her dream achievable. 

Her advice to job-seekers is not to be over expectant in salaries when looking for a job rather learn and grow your knowledge, only then would a higher salary be possible.

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