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As the CEO, you are the leader and the responsibility of guiding your team to success rests on you. Your employees are also there to scale the business and it is possible to see them as just a resource even though they are an extension of you and the business.

They, therefore, deserve to be treated well because the way they are treated is how they would treat the business.

If you treat people like a resource, they will only do the necessary work, but if you inspire them to aim for their full potential, they would give their very best for the business.

Here is what you can do;


i) Give ownership of tasks:- this helps employees feel like a part of the team by assigning tasks to them without micromanaging every activity. Ensure to communicate the desired result and leave the process of achieving that result to them.

ii) Freedom to try new things:- create a safe space for your employees to experiment and try things differently from how they have been done in the past. If they make mistakes, don't jump to scold them, rather ask questions that can help them think through better ways of achieving a result and give them another chance.

iii) Being a good listener:- cultivate the skill of listening to understand rather than to respond because it helps us see the point of view of other people and how you can assist from where you are. Don't be quick to assume why they took a certain decision, ask clarifying questions always.

iv) Build a feedback culture:- communicate what they are doing right and what they can improve upon. This helps employees to know that their work is valued and to know the impact of their work in the organisation.

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i) Reward:- this could be through bounces or raises for their achievements, but ensure to reward employees through an incentive program.

ii) Recognise- acknowledge accomplishment publicly and privately, highlighting what they did to improve the team. This acts as a form of motivation for them to do better.

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i) Model the behaviour you want to see.

If you desire improvement in the overall culture of your organisation, you should toll the path for your team to follow. Share the vision with them, put in the work yourself and you would see your employees do the same thing.

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