"Staying on the job for at least a year, so that you gain work experience, be more competitive in the job market and increase your professional network" is one of the things we tell our alumni and a criterion for being a WAVE Champion.

But another trait that makes one a WAVE Champion, is the ability to refer others to the program. This, Nelson has done. Consistently too. To date, he has referred 65 people for the training.

When we asked what drives him to tell people about WAVE, he said, "WAVE changed my life. I was a graduate but it was so difficult getting a job. That changed after experiencing WAVE. There are many people just like me out there who are looking for this opportunity. I was encouraged to apply for the training by a persistent stranger. This is why I tell a lot of people about WAVE."

Nelson had a strenuous experience during the WAVE training. He had to commute from Akute, Ogun State to Ojota, Lagos for 3 weeks, "however the training was worthwhile because I made connections with people who are now friends that I benefit from till today."

After graduating from training in 2017, Nelson stayed at home for 3 months before getting a job. And when he did, the job was conflicting with his school activities, so he was unable to proceed with it.

Nelson got another job through WAVE as an IT Manager where he currently works.

Nelson's dream job is to become a Programmer. He says, "the skills I learned at WAVE, have helped me so far and would also be useful when I become a programmer," highlighting effective communication, emotional intelligence, time management and office politics, as the skills he applied more frequently.

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