I am stuck, the depression is at its peak

Dear diary,

I may just give up on my job hunt! Confessing that I am frustrated is just an early admission of my defeat in the hunting game. In fact, calling my current emotional state “frustration” is putting how I truly feel mildly;
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I cannot even find the word effective enough to qualify my emotional condition.  It is even harder because I would not dare to give up and be like Oge who has decided to put herself off the stress and has established a business for herself. Lucky Oge! It is not fair how life’s blessings are unevenly allotted and distributed. How to deal with this situation, I do not see.

After combing through LinkedIn for receptionist openings that suited my qualifications, submitting my CV to the organizations and companies, doing my research and background check, going for interviews and striving very hard to appear suitable enough for employment, the usual response I got was: “We’ll get back to you.” The response would not have been an issue if only these organizations stayed true to their promise. No feedback, no report, nothing! They could simply put me out of my misery and boundless expectations by actually getting back to me to inform me that I would not be given the job.

Staying hopeful is too heavy to be pushed further.  Also, it would not be a bad idea if they informed me that I have to work on certain aspects of myself; what I should improve upon and can be done better. But my frustration will cease if I can be brought of this expectancy and I know that I did not get the job, because of so.

Anyway, I talked to Chume this morning, and he suggested that while I wait for responses from these companies, I should sign up for professional courses and learn something he called… what did he call it again? Soft… soft skills, yeah, soft skills. I do not know what that means, but maybe I can engage myself in it instead of lazing around. Who knows? It may be useful and I will add it to my CV.

Later diary!

Diary, what do you suggest I do?

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